'59 Les Paul Special Order! 

We had a special request to build a '59 Les Paul tribute electric guitar. Couldn't hardly say no! We aren't adding it as a new line, but if you are interested in one, let us know! We're happy to say that our client was super happy! :) Here's the link!

One of a Kind -- #001 

We recently completed our first concert size guitar and are thrilled to say it sounds just as big as the dreadnoughts! At this time, we aren't putting them into regular production, although they will be available through special order. Click here to view additional photos. 

This particular guitar has most all of the same specs as our dreadnoughts, only with the smaller body and a very special 5-piece neck made of wenge and mahogany. Although we haven't yet decided on a price for a custom-ordered concert size, this one is available for $6,300.

Mandolin #23 Now Available 

Here's a new beauty just finished recently! You can visit our Available Mandolins page to view photos of this F-5, and read up on the specs on the Mandolins page. If you would like additional information, please Contact Us

BTW, hate sounding "salesy" at all, but just wanted to let anyone interested in our mandolins know that it might be one of the last nitro-finished ones we do for a bit (there is a sister to it coming out soon). We are switching to hand-rubbed varnish and the price will increase when we do that. Just wanted to put the info out there. :)

New Video by Randy Kohrs 

Grammy-award-winning Randy Kohrs, owner and engineer at Slack Key Studio in Nashville, has had his Hayes guitar for almost four years now. We recently had an opportunity to film an impromptu testimonial from Randy -- in his very cool studio -- as to why he loves his Hayes. Needless to say, we were overwhelmed by his glowing review. Thanks so much Randy!! :)

Clay Hess's review of a Hayes mandolin... 

​We asked Clay to come over and give us his thoughts on the newest Hayes mandolin we had finished. He had been playing it for a short time. Nothing was rehearsed. We just asked him questions and he answered. We did go through it twice -- once in the workshop and once at the studio -- as we didn't know which would sound/look best. We decided to go ahead and post both. Many of the questions overlap, but you get to hear him playing in between too, so we just left it all in. If you only have a few seconds to get Clay's abbreviated review, skip to 5:50.
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